Michael Corsaro - Guitarist

Guitarist "Michael Corsaro" is one of the areas top guitarist from the Philadelphia and New Jersey music scene. In the early days, Michael use to study guitar with some of the biggest named guitarist from the NJ/Philly music scene specializing in Rock, Blues, Country, R&B, Jazz and is always aspiring to continue learning. Michael has spent decades studying and playing all over the country in a variety of bands. In 1988, Michael moved to L.A and spent several years playing the legendary clubs on the Sunset Strip such as Gazzaris, the Roxy, The Whiskey and the Troubador. During this time Michael studied guitar at the Guitar Insititute in L.A and was again seen nightly in the L.A club circuit honing his craft. 

Michael moved back and forth between NJ and L.A and in the late 90s decided to move back to NJ permanently. In the late 90s Michael started working full time in the private party band circuit with many of the top bands in the area such as "Spin City', "92nd Street" "Mirage" "RIO" and "Cheers the Band" 

Michael has also released a solo instrumental record with his band
G-Force" on Guitar9 records in 2002. Michael was also the guitarist in two Tribute bands. The Joe Satriani Band "Surfin with the Aliens" and the Judas Priest tribute "MetalGodz" which toured all over the U.S

In May 2020 Michael has signed with "Dogonit" productions and management in Arizona and is endorsed by "Dogonit" and strcitly uses the "EB artist guitar and bass strings and cables". For booking and management questions please contact "Eddie Cantu @ 623-335-5520 OR EMAIL: CONTACT@Dogonitproductions.com

Michael is also the lead guitarist in the Nationally known Journey tribute "Separate Ways" which perform all over the USA.

Michael is available for studio session and sub (fill in) work.

Michael is also a full time Guitar teacher from Ocean City, NJ.

For lesson inquiries please email Stratattack66@Gmail.com or call 609-352-9239.


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